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Kathleen Donaghy has been managing businesses related to photography, video, and art for over twenty-eight years. A documentary filmmaker, photographer, and entrepreneur, she began her online endeavors in 1997, after discovering that eBay was a treasure trove of historical documents, photographs, and home movies she could use in her films.  In 2007 she began assisting other marketers with their video marketing needs, and her most recent website, VideoOptinProfits.com, has received praise from top marketers and newbies alike. (And the conversion rates are pretty darn good too!).


Million Dollar Mike Morgan earned his moniker by bringing in millions of dollars in sales for other marketers with his uncanny ability to transform website visitors into paying customers. Mark Joyner says "Mike is a world-class copywriter and conversion expert. That puts him among a small handful of people in the world... If you get a chance to work with him, stop thinking about it and do it."


Yes! I want to discover how to make money with online videos that I can create in as little as 17 minutes!

With this offer, I'll get:

1.) Recording of Introductory Session held at JV Alert Live with special guests Million Dollar Mike Morgan of MagicMarketingWords.com, Frank Sousa of TrafficGeyser.com, and Captain Lou of MarketersCruise.com. This workshop covered some of the scary stuff about video marketing that takes many people months, if not longer to learn. Kathleen and her Guest Experts shared lots of great info on low-cost and no-cost solutions for hardware, software, and camera equipment, as well as guidelines for planning a video, writing a script, and capturing video footage in ways that will make it easy to edit (if I want to edit at all).

2.) 6 Webinars that will cover video marketing more in depth, including one hosted by Mike Morgan, where he'll share his 4 Step Scripting Formula that will have my videos sucking in cash like a Hoover on steroids. Captain Lou will host another webinar, where he'll disclose his secrets for getting the best sound and picture possible, as well as how to KISMIF. (Keep It Simple, Make It Fun!) Also hosting webinars will be Frank Sousa with tips and techniques on distributing my videos for maximum exposure and traffic generation; Dave Mason on the latest gadgets and gear to make shooting video simple and affordable; Robert Plank of RobertPlank.com, who will reveal his methods for cranking out product after product using screen capture video, while raking in profits after profits; and Kathleen Donaghy will share her knowledge and expertise on shooting video with the end in mind, and how that impacts the editing process.

3.) Checklists, Resources, Sample Scripts, Templates, and MORE!

All for the JVAlert Live introductory price of  $97

(Price will be raised incrementally to $167, maybe higher, as

more value and sessions are added to the product.)


100% Guarantee => 60 Days! If for any reason I don't think Kathleen, Mike, and the other Experts over-delivered or lived up to my expectations, I'll let them know within 60 days of my purchase. There's no risk for me at all! My purchase is 100% guaranteed!

Plus, I’ll get all of these added bonuses:

BONUS #1 - Bullet Templates from Million Dollar Mike Morgan.

BONUS #2 - 2 "Critique" Webinars, with Q & A sessions, held a week or two after the final webinar in the series is over. I'll be able to have any remaining questions answered and get feedback on my videos.

BONUS #3 - One month Platinum Membership in VideoOptinProfits.com, which includes the Gold Membership Collection of Video Opt-in Skins (graphics) WITH Professional Videos.

BONUS #4 - I'll learn how to whip up a hurricane of traffic using a secret weapon that I can try for only $1... and the best part is I'll get insider's secrets to making my videos massively viral.

BONUS #5 - And several UNANNOUCED Bonuses that you can't tell me about right now (otherwise, they'd be "Announced Bonuses").  ;-)





A Message From Kathleen

It was a real pleasure being able to videotape the most recent JV Alert Live, and while I may not have had as much opportunity to network and socialize as many of you who attended did, I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with you when I stepped out from behind the camera.

Thanks for all your encouragement and support.


P.S. Check back in a bit for a video I'm currently editing for this space. :-)


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